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Good reading skills are a prerequisite for academic progress

We equip your child with the necessary reading and thinking skills to:

  • read for meaning
  • remember, understand and process information
  • enjoy academic success

Good readers have a huge advantage throughout their school careers. Give your child the advantage.


ReadPlus Reading Program

We support your child to progress from learning to read to reading to learn

Online or in-person tutoring

From grade 4 to tertiary students

Available in Afrikaans and English

Good reading skills are paramount in the academic learning process

  • Learners often struggle to study because their reading skills are too inadequate to support their learning.
  • All ReadPlus tutors are qualified SACE-registered teachers and reading specialists.
  • We teach your child how to read, understand and process content.
  • And we see to it that they can apply these reading, thinking and learning strategies to all their schoolwork.

Do you want to know if your child’s reading skills are adequate to support their learning? Let us assess your child’s reading skills now.

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Why are reading problems often identified or become an issue in Grade 4 and onwards?

During the foundational phase children learn to read. After grade 3 it is taken for granted that children have the reading skills to read to learn. Many do not spontaneously acquire these skills and need explicit reading instruction to bridge the gap from learning to read to reading to learn.

Grade 3 presents the child with the bridging phase from learning to read to read to learn. During grade 4 it is taken for granted that the learner has the necessary reading skills to

  • master greater volumes of work
  • understand, summarise and process information
  • research and learn content

We are here to bridge the gap from learning to read to reading to learn. There is no need to struggle.


We teach all aspects of reading

  • Fluency: Increased reading speed enables learners to cover greater volumes with better comprehension.
  • Comprehension and vocabulary: Good readers read text with comprehension and have insight before, during and after reading.
  • Reading strategies: Peeping, skimming and scanning; vocabulary, visualization, monitoring of comprehension, summarizing, interpretation and accurate reproduction of content/information.

“Readers presenting with reading difficulties and deficits beyond grade 3 has great difficulties catching up or closing the reading gap.”

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It is not a “one size fits all” programme

We use an informal reading assessment to determine your child’s reading abilities and to plan suitable interventions to suit your child’s specific needs.

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