What is the SWOT Study Programme?

Strengths and Study Methods

We determine your learning style and brain preference, analyse your study methods and habits and teach you a study method that suits your unique learning style accordingly.

Work Effectively

We help you to keep your work up to date on a weekly basis.


We coach you to organize your work, yourself and your time.

Training and time management

We provide training and ample time to apply your study skills to your own subject matter. We give you time to master the skills and to develop good study habits.

Why is it necessary?

  • Learners often struggle to study as their reading skills are weak and/or too inadequate to facilitate and support their learning.
  • Parents, however keen to help their children study, often do not know how to help.
  • Parents often think that their children should study the way they did. Each learner, however, has a unique learning style. The result of the above is that many learners never learn to study correctly.
  • Unnecessary stress, frustration, conflict and failure is lived through by both parents and children.
  • Teachers of content subjects unfortunately often also do not have the time to teach learners specific study skills as their curriculum requirements are so many.

What do we do?

  • We determine how a learner prefer to learn by assessing their study methods and habits, learning styles, multiple intelligences and brain dominance.
  • The SRSQR study method is taught and adjustments are made to suit their unique study preferences and learning style.
  • Learners are then taught to apply the skills to their own subject matter and how to tackle each subject differently, as each subject has its unique traits.
  • We do not merely show learners how to study, we coach them over a period of time and provide ample opportunities to apply and master the new skills.
  • Parents are informed how to support learners at home by attending a number of sessions with their child. Parents and learners receive a detailed report on a learner’s study preferences.
  • We coach the learner to study effectively and independently.

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